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Sweet dreams with Protect-A-Bed integral bed encasement

Ensure yourself a good night sleep with state of the art slippery fabric encasement preventing bugs from clinging onto your bed, tightly sealed with impenetrable slide fasteners. Waterproof and made of breathing material, Protect-A-Bed prevents bed bugs from infesting and also reproducing in your mattress and box spring. Designed for early prevention and detection, the bed casing is above all to secure your peace of mind.

Your secret is safe with Clear View Bed Bug Monitor

Easily and discretely detects bed bugs anywhere you suspect they may hide. Containing a harmless and pesticide free formula specially blended to attract bed bugs anywhere you choose to hide it. Only you will know if and where bed bugs are lurking — and carry the proof.

Knowledge is power with the Blackout Bed bug Detector

Consisting of a pesticide free layer of carefully selected environment friendly minerals applied to the two trapping surfaces, the Climb Up Insect Interceptor traps bed bugs while clearly indicating to you if they are attempting to climb up or to climb down your furniture. You will be one step ahead in the crusade to eliminate, detect and even manage a re-infestation.

You are in control with “Verify Bed Bug Detector”

As bed bugs supreme reason for being is to reproduce by feeding on human blood, this device releases active bed bug pheromones to attract and monitor these rapacious vampires. Discreet and silent, the Verify Bed Bug Detector blends in any décor and spaces were constant monitoring is required. You now control the detection and the prevention of bed bugs in your home and in you place of business.