Spider Extermination

Your home: spider free

Most spiders are harmless but to many people they are creepy and even terrifying.
We understand the importance of a stress-free home environment.
If spiders have invaded your home or business, call us. Our certified technicians will identify and deal with the problem and put your mind at rest.


  •  Seasonal spider treatments
  • We’ll control spiders indoors and outdoors
  • Clean and professional work
  • Our treatments* are guaranteed

We go to lengths to identify the conditions that trigger infestations.

One spider can lay hundreds of eggs creating a large family of problems in a few short weeks. We’ll make sure spiders stay out of your home or business by creating a barrier and sealing off the areas where they, and other pests, are likely to enter.


*With the recommendations of our certified technician and your collaboration, Axon Extermination is fully dedicated to eliminate your initial infestation following the assessment of your surroundings.

  • Effective Pest Control

    With over 30 years of field experience, our professional exterminators will get rid of pests at prices you can live with. Plus our work is guaranteed.

  • Only the Bugs Go

    Other methods of ridding bed bugs mean disposing of furniture. With Axon’s thermal remediation, the only things to go are the bed bugs.

  • Environmentally Kind

    We care about the air you breathe and use only the safest methods to get rid of pests.

  • Safe Treatment

    Our treatments are safe for children and do not harm pets.


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Superior Service Recognition

Axon’s consistent service delivery, our expertise and solid reputation has earned us the status of Copesan Partner. An industry Achievement!

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