Protect your employees and customers with our commercial disinfection service

Disinfecting your commercial spaces is essential in order to limit the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases.

Whether your commercial spaces are offices, stores, industrial buildings or other, Axon Extermination has the equipment to perform effective disinfection and to ensure the health and safety of your team as well as your customers.

Why is it important to disinfect your business premises?

Viruses like COVID-19 can be very contagious and spread quickly. There are different ways a person can be infected. She can contract the disease by being in contact with a person carrying COVID-19 (direct contamination), by touching a contaminated surface or by being in a poorly ventilated place with traces of the virus in the air (indirect contamination).

Consequences of the disease can be serious and cause death. This is why it is important to regularly disinfect all commercial places frequented by people. In this way, the risks of contamination are greatly reduced.

If the virus is discovered in your premises or offices, it could have consequences on your activities. Your commercial spaces may have to be closed indefinitely in order to disinfect and find the source of the outbreak. Your employees will also have to adhere to a quarantine period before they can return to work. Only a complete disinfection can prevent this type of situation.

Choose Axon Extermination for the disinfection of your commercial premises

Axon Extermination is taking the situation very seriously. Our disinfection service aims first and foremost to ensure the health and safety of your entire team and customers. This is why we only use the best products and the best disinfection techniques to eliminate all traces of the virus, even in the smallest places of your premises.

  • Disinfection service offered for all types of commercial premises (offices, shops, warehouses, etc.);
  • Disinfection of your spaces with the best products on the market;
  • Quick and effective disinfection allowing you to resume your activities as quickly as possible;
  • Use of professional techniques that have demonstrated their effectiveness;
  • Use of personal protective equipment for all members of our disinfection team;
  • Certified service that complies with current health and safety standards.


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