Their habits

Where they hide
Cockroaches take shelter in houses, warehouses, shops and other heated buildings in winter to search of the moisture and food they need. Their presence in your home is not a sign of uncleanliness. They are attracted by the hot and humid conditions in kitchens, bathrooms, basements and even pipes. They are active at night and do not like the light. Indeed, they’ll run away and hide as soon as you turn a light on!

How they behave
Most cockroaches in homes usually remain inactive and hidden during the day. They leave their shelters in the evening and search for food. As they are herd insects, they can form a community of several hundreds or even thousands. However, each cockroach lives autonomously, without being dependent on the group.

Their signature
Cockroaches do not sting or bite. They rarely damage house structures. On the other hand, they leave an unpleasant odour and taste in their wake, which emanate from the substance secreted by their fetid glands or the brown saliva which they regurgitate to soften their food. Since they pick up various bacteria and viruses on their legs and antennas, they can transfer them to the objects and food they touch, and thus contaminate you. Cockroach debris and excrement can also cause reactions in people with vulnerable immune systems (asthmatics, children, the elderly, etc.).

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