Think you have bed bugs? Find out now.

  • 98% Accurate
  • Certified scent dog determines if bed bugs are present
  • Professional handler guarantees dogs’ training and success rate

Dogs have been used for many years to detect drugs, arson and illegal agricultural products. With a sense of smell estimated to be 10,000 times more powerful than that of humans, they can detect even the subtlest of scents. Using dogs to detect the chemical compounds of  bed bugs just makes sense.

At Axon Extermination, we recognize the importance of early pest detection. That’s why we employ all available tools to detect your infestation at its earliest stage. Visual inspection will detect bed bugs just 38% of the time, but our canine team has a 98% success rate at sniffing out bed bugs.

Daily training by a professional dog handler keeps our dog’s noses sharp in the hunt for bed bugs. Bed bug detection dogs need to keep their scent skills tuned and our team can detect bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle, even the smallest eggs. Our dogs  work to quickly inspect all perimeters, including baseboards, small wall cracks, entertainment systems and drawers.

By combining our dogs’ keen sense of smell with our certified technician’s visual inspection, Axon Extermination and Pest Control™ provides the most effective detection services in Montreal and Quebec.

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