How to prevent a bed bug infestation

Knowing how to prevent a bed bug infestation is important. Keep the following tips in mind to avoid having them:

While travelling

  • Don’t leave your luggage on the floor or bed: store it in the bathtub or on a luggage rack.
  • Remember to bring a large plastic garbage bag in which you can put your suitcase during your stay at the hotel.
  • Bring and use a small flashlight so you can easily perform quick visual inspections in your room.
  • Vacuum the inside of your suitcases after your vacation.

At home

  • Never bring back second-hand items, especially mattresses, box springs, clothes or furniture without first examining them for signs of infestation. Because it can be difficult to detect an infestation, you may want to have them inspected by one of our professional exterminators.
  • Eliminate clutter. Doing so decreases the number of places where bed bugs can hide.
  • Vacuum often, including under the beds and behind the headboard.
  • Seal all cracks and crevices
  • Check all possible entry points to the adjoining walls and all entry points into the inside of the walls (pipe, cable or other public utility inlets).
  • Regularly inspect the areas where your pets sleep; bed bugs may be hiding there.

Family vacations, business trips or even a short camping trip can turn into a nightmare if bed bugs get into your personal belongings. We can provide you with the PackTite™ portable heat unit to treat items in your home that may have come into contact with bed bugs (e.g., backpacks, suitcases, handbags, clothing, blankets, pillows). It’s a quick and affordable pre-emptive solution!

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